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In today’s fast changing world, it is more important than ever for business executives and opinion leaders to stay fully informed. That’s why millions of affluent, powerful opinion leaders hire an expert, THE WEEK.

By analyzing and curating thousands of media sources from around the globe, THE WEEK distills a worldy and balanced, concise view of the issues that matter most. THE WEEK’s voice is multi-perspective and neutral in tone, giving our readers all the facts and shades of opinion to let them make up their own minds. More than the news, more than one opinion, THE WEEK acts as an impartial observer of events and their ramifications.

This content is truly valued by our opinion leader readers, and the engagement between our reader and our brand cannot be matched.

Because of the unparalleled engagement between THE WEEK and its readers,


  • Advertising Noted in a Publication
  • Read Any or Read Most of Advertisements Seen in a Publication
  • Actions Taken as a Result of Seeing Ads in a Publication
  • Recommended a Product/Service After Seeing Ads in a Publication
  • Purchased the Product/Service After Seeing Ads in a Publication
  • Had a Favorable Opinion of an Advertiser After Seeing Ads in a Publication
  • Visited an Advertiser’s Website After Seeing Ads in a Publication
  • Looked For More Information After Seeing Ads in a Publication
  • Clipped/Saved Ads That Appeared in a Publication

This makes for a powerful and effective advertising environment.

Competitive set: THE WEEK, The Economist, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Time
Source: 2013 GFK MRI Starch